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DEFA enters agreement with global automotive brand

DEFA Group has reached a deal to supply Mode 2 AC charging cables for a large automotive brand and its European customers. Under this contract, DEFA will provide 90,000 portable eMove chargers.

‘Being awarded as the preferred and selected supplier to this company is another step towards becoming a market-leading player who makes the life of EV owners easier and more predictable — all over the world’, says Martin Jonsson, EVP of eMobility at DEFA Group. 

eMove charger

eMove, which is developed and manufactured by DEFA, is a portable charger that has been made to revolutionize the user experience. Earlier this year, eMove was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award, and the jury’s statement read: ‘The single-button control and practical cable management give this sleekly designed charger excellent usability’.

‘I’m not surprised that eMove is once again the number one choice. It’s a high-quality product with unmatched user-friendliness and extreme durability for safe charging on the move. This is the result of 60 years of experience with connecting vehicles to the grid’, says Martin Jonsson and continues: 
‘We believe that major car companies finally start prioritizing premium chargers. The EV market is still at an early stage, where the primary focus has been on developing the cars themselves. We can now see that we’re entering a more mature phase that sheds light on the importance of the whole EV chain, where chargers are at the very core. For DEFA — who is all about quality — this is highly appreciated, and our EV charging journey has only just begun.’ 

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